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Nowadays we can clearly see the difference between computer games of the present and the past. Those days we had a brave new era of the creation of new worlds, with their own physical and logical laws, and with own unique ambience. Now we have competition among game developers in video effects solely, almost without efforts to improve gaming experience.

Everybody can choose for himself, what he prefers: form or substance. But many of us agree on the fact that now we have only refined appearance, and those times we had in games we played something more interesting.

This site is about games that had this elusive advantage, the games, we almost lost in our past. The chief task of our site is to remind you about these games, don't let this great experience completely slip your life. These games are much better than their unsophisticated graphics. They are the real good games. The games with soul.

2008 Feb 17
144. Mechwarrior, Shadow Knights added.

2008 Feb 10
142 games. Gunboat, Jill Of The Jungle added.

2008 Feb 9
Site completely rewritten using unique PHP engine with classes, XML and MySQL storage. Added game screenshots, game descriptions, tags, and special awards classification. Random games screenshots, links to similar games. Navigation using: alphabetic order, game genres, tags, awards, breadcrumbs. Added user registration. Users can now discuss games they know and love. Site graphically redesigned a little, using old colors so far.

2007 Nov 2
11th Star Zoo is open again. 140 abandonware games available to date. Site format is still the same as in 2001: HTML + SSI + CSS.

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